Richard Akerman






My Dad and artist Richard Akerman was born in 1942 in London.

He attended the Hornsey College of Arts and Crafts in the early 1960s, studying a general fine art course which incorporated printmaking and sculpture. Richard held his first exhibition at the Obelisk Gallery in London, where his work hung with creations of Man Ray, Salvador Dali and other surrealists.

A more traditional expression came to his work after years spent travelling throughout Europe and Asia. He had a passion for moving around and being in touch with the public and this was manifested in his cheerful, open personality.

He painted mainly floral, still life, architectural and garden subjects in delicate water-colours and the success of the fine art prints made of his work was such that he became one of the best-selling print artists of all time.

During the 1980s, only the work of Monet is believed to have exceeded sales of Richard Akerman’s prints. His prolific output also led to exhibitions in many countries.

His success came after much hard work in sometimes unusual occupations, which included running a hot dog stand and selling his own originals door-to-door or from the famous railings on the Bayswater Road in London.

Richard Akerman had a reputation as a versatile, polished and talented contemporary artist, with an unequalled general appeal.

Richard was married to my mum Mandy and they had three kids, me, my brother Darren and my sister Janine. Sadly, my Dad died in March 2005 after an accident in his house in Spain.