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"Marcus Akerman is an exciting British painter based in the Netherlands who has exhibited his work internationally. Fascinated by patterns, lines, layering and colors, he composes interesting visual series influenced by everything from world cities to gemstones to Mardi Gras. Displaying impressive accuracy of line, color and light, Akerman ultimately fashions an artistic aesthetic full of personality and polish."

Mardi Gras

Customer at Walls exhibition, Prinsengracht Amsterdam - Manhattan Collection
‘This is the best. My taste. The combination of the fabric structure and the interplay of lines stimulates my imagination.'

Ernst Schmidt, Board member of Foundation Artes Bussum comments on Marcus Akerman’s art (video in Dutch/transcript in English below)

Ernst Schmidt, 2018: "Marcus is the Mondrian of the new world. Mondrian died in 1944 with his last work Boogie-Woogie. Boogie-Woogie represents the free person, away from Calvinism. And now we are living in a digital world. Marcus depicts the digital world. Marcus unravels our DNA, the world of architecture, sustainability for the future. We have to reinvent the world, and Marcus has already laid that down. We will see that in fashion and architecture in ten years from now. And in our way of life."

Art Laren exhibition review - Gem Collection
‘The paintings in his Gem collection give you the feeling of viewing thousands of worlds.’

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam Marcus Akerman

Balloting committee of artist association ARTES Bussum
'The balloting committee has unanimously positively judged your membership at Artes! Your professional drive and visual ability to express impressed us. The visible development in your work, from watercolours, acrylics to epoxy paintings show that you have been consciously working with new concepts for many years.

Marcus Akerman

Authenticity coupled with a strong commercial attitude make your work special. Conceptual art, in variation and continuously searching. Your Manhattan Collection is a good example of this. Welcome to the club!
Balloting committee of artist association ARTES Bussum

Hoorn exhibition review floral watercolour collections
‘Marcus is a gardener who knows how to plant his flowers in a very precise way. He plants them from a controlled craftsmanship in a manner that yields entirely unique forms.’

Marcus Akerman Florals Collection

Gallery owner Busarts exhibition
'With the Brit Marcus Akerman, spring was in full bloom when I picked up the works. No lambs, but beautiful twins. Surrounded with so much love, as in his work. Often diptych. From poppies, tulips to lilies. When you stand in his studio, you can smell the floral scent of his work. For Marcus - from father to son - no surprise anymore. For me a beautiful spring feeling.'