Mardi Gras Collection


Inspired by the colourful and vibrant Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro, celebrate life by adding these paintings to your art collection.

Each piece stands on its own. But when you hang them together, they flow through each other as the colours of one painting continue into the next.

The paintings in this series are available in two sizes.


The Mardi Gras collection is characterized by endless rows of thin lines. Hung horizontally or vertically together, for example three-in-a-row as a tryptic, they form a flowing spectrum as the colours of one painting blend into the next.

These art works have a double layer of varnish and epoxy resin creating a three dimensional effect and a feeling of depth.


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Mardi Gras Series II – In the studio

DETAILS Mardi Gras Collection


Mixed media: acrylic paint, varnish, epoxy resin on wooden art panels.


The paintings in the Mardi Gras Collection are available in two sizes: 40x40 cm and 50x50 cm. All wooden art panels are 5 cm in depth.


The images on this page provide an impression of what's available in this collection. In various sizes, prices range from €250,00 to €950,00 per piece, including BTW.


Would you like more information on this collection or how to purchase a painting?

Simply contact me with your question. Leave me a note, give me a call or make an appointment to visit the Marcus Akerman Art Studio & Gallery in Bussum.


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