Manhattan Collection


Have you ever walked on the streets of New York City and felt the flow of the vertical and horizontal lines of Manhattan's geometrical urban planning and sky scrapers? This series is inspired by the endless blocks and windows and consists of small pieces that are connected through an intricate play of lines.

Have you got a small, large, wide or high wall? With this collection you can go as big as you like. Just keep adding as many of these smaller art works as you need. Together they form a larger statement on your wall space.

The paintings in this series are available in various sizes, materials, finishes and prices.

Vibrant Manhattan


The Manhattan series has it's roots in old photos, city plans and blue prints of New York City. I was fascinated by the way the vertical and horizontal lines of Manhattan's geometrical urban planning seemed to repeat itself in complex interconnecting patterns. I like the idea of small, square, self contained, geometric paintings, nicely framed. And then connecting them through an intricate play of lines and squares.

I've tried to keep the colours as neutral as possible. In keeping with the urban feel of the work. And then added touches of colour, blues and reds as highlights for the end result.

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DETAILS Manhattan Collection


Mixed media: acrylic paint, varnish or epoxy resin finish, framed and unframed, on canvas boards and/or glass.


The paintings in the Manhattan Collection are available in a variety of sizes. From 23x23 cm (framed).


The images on this page provide an impression of what's available in this collection. From €75,00 to €400,00 per piece, including BTW.


Would you like more information on this collection or how to purchase a painting?

Simply contact me with your question. Leave me a note, give me a call or make an appointment to visit the Marcus Akerman Art Studio & Gallery in Bussum.


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