High praise indeed from Ernst Schmidt

Ernst Schmidt, Board member of Foundation Artes Bussum and Bussum Cultureel, visited the Art Fair on Sunday 16 September. He shared high praise indeed, check out the video (in Dutch). #thankyouErnst!

Ernst Schmidt: "Marcus is the Mondrian of the new world. Mondrian died in 1944 with his last work Boogie-Woogie. Boogie-Woogie represents the free person, away from Calvinism. And now we are living in a digital world. Marcus depicts the digital world. Marcus unravels our DNA, the world of architecture, sustainability for the future. We have to reinvent the world, and Marcus has already laid that down. We will see that in fashion and architecture in ten years from now. And in our way of life."

Get your home ready for days getting shorter
With most of the summer behind us and autumn slowly beginning, Sunday 16 September was a great time for people to find that original art they'd been looking for. The perfect time to get the home ready to be that place that you want to come back to as the days get shorter. Great to welcome people in big numbers! Check the website of Bussum Cultureel for the photos.

The Art Fair is part of festival Bussum Cultureel 2018. Right in the village centre, it's free and open for everyone. Again, this year, there was a great variety of artists exhibiting and life music playing. Didn't make it? Make sure to be there next year.

Next exhibtion
My next exhibition is up in December at Dekkers in Bussum.
Don't want to wait that long? Just contact me at my studio.

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