Proud to become a member of Artes Bussum, an art association in the Gooi

It is not often anymore that I receive letters via snail mail. But not long ago I received one in my post box from Artes Bussum, a well renowned art association in the Gooi area. And it contained some cool news.

In the months before the summer holidays, I had two official visits by Artes Bussum to my studio. The first time 2 nice ladies visited me to view my work. The second time 3 members of the Balloting Committee arrived and asked me loads of questions to find out if I would do as a member. And then, it remained quiet for a long while...

So when I opened the envelope and pulled out the letter, you can imagine I was curious to find out what they said. But it was all good news:

'The balloting committee has unanimously positively judged your membership at Artes! Your professional drive and visual ability to express impressed us. The visible development in your work, from watercolors, acrylics to epoxy paintings show that you have been consciously working with new concepts for many years. Authenticity coupled with a strong commercial attitude make your work special. Conceptual art, in variation and continuously searching. Your Manhattan Collection is a good example of this. Welcome to the club!'

So, I passed 🙂 and I'm now an official and proud member of Artes Bussum.

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